Vancouver's #1 Food Guide : Granville Island! FAMOUS Lee's Donuts + MAPLE SYRUP SALMON!!

Granville Island Street Food Guide in Vancouver, Canada!


This is the first video from our Canadian Food series! We are in Vancouver city and in this episode we are taking you to Granville Island. Granville Island was an industrial manufacturing area and is now an awesome to shop, take photos and eat delicious, local street foods! First, we take the Aquabus ferry to get to the island ($6.25 CAD / $4.73 USD)!
Our first stop was Longliner Seafoods, which is a third generation institution on Granville Island. They specialize in Pacific salmon, and we ordered their Maple candied salmon ($8.32 CAD / $6.30 USD) and their double smoked Sockeye salmon ($10.96 CAD / $8.30 USD).
Next, next we visit Stock Market, where they make fresh soups and stocks everyday. We ordered their soups of the day: Clam Chowder ($6.50 CAD / $4.92 USD) and Vegetable Bisque ($5.25 CAD / $3.98 USD). Each soup came with a piece of focaccia.
It was time for dessert, so we joined the line at Lee’s Donuts. Lee’s Donuts is one of the most popular shops on Granville Island. We ordered a 1/2 dozen donuts ($13.25 CAD / $10.03 USD) and ordered some of the more famous flavours, like Bavarian cream. All donuts are handmade in the shop and super fresh.
To end the day of eating, we stopped by Granville Island Brewing. This brewery specializes in small batch beers, and we tried their IPA and lager small batch ($7.75 CAD / $5.87). The building had a great atmosphere with an industrial setting.

1 – Hornby Street Ferry (to Granville Island)
2 – Longliner Seafoods
3 – Stock Market
4 – Lee’s Donuts
5 – Granville Island Brewing

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35 Replies to “Vancouver's #1 Food Guide : Granville Island! FAMOUS Lee's Donuts + MAPLE SYRUP SALMON!!”

  1. M K

    Mmmm miss mah granny island!
    My fav place in the world.
    Miss mah home town.
    Lee’s is the best, their chocolate Bavarian & mango jelly is delish. So light and fluffy. Good old classic honey dip is yum too.
    My go to place to buy my duck, pasta and cheese.
    The bagel place is so good as well, their smoke salmon & Montreal smoked beef bagel is the best and they stuff the bagel which makes it unique.
    Lonsdale quay is similar but smaller and also great market to visit.
    Vij’s has excellent Indian food and locally sourced.
    Tojos’s best sushi!

  2. Avi Feld

    A little rainy in Vancouver??? No way!!!!I l lived in Coquitlam. Long time ago. Loved it but now work and live in San Jose California with 2 boys and a wife and a dachshund. Younger boy is a running back and NCAA listed and I am hooking him up with some CFL. folks. Saskatchewan Roughriders!

  3. Henry Quach's World

    DAMN I lived here in Vancouver FOREVER and I have never come to Granville Island for a very VERY long time. I should stimulate the economy but I am on a budget. Great video! Like the food. Should have filmed this on a clear day. Cheers!

  4. Woodland Wonders

    It's been a number of years since I visited Vancouver. Granville Island was a definite highlight. The foods and the vendors were remarkable. I laughed when I saw the "Do not feed the birds" sign. I saw a lady lose her meal to an aggressive seagull there.

  5. Marijus P

    Glad to see 1st video of Canadian foods,but at same time i am sad a bit,because Greek series were amazing.Hopefully you can travel soon and come back to Greece,Taiwan.I believe that Greece even better than Italy,because those could be compared,since they are Southern countries.
    Now you can only travel to Cyprus,Latvia,Finland,Liechtenstein,but lets hope situation would improve.Maple syrup have made Canada famous in the world.Amazing type of salmon,i have lived in Norway for last 7 years,but i never seen in Norway:Salmon with maple syrup.

  6. 회춘아재

    You're so cool. I'm doing a cooking and eating broadcast in Korea. The food I eat is Korean traditional food and Korean people enjoy and eat a lot. I'd appreciate it if you could come and visit.

  7. belhisoka

    There’s a restaurant called a la mode, their chicken chowder pot pie is the best that I’ve had ☺️ I remember next to it there’s a stall and their shepherd’s pie was 🔥. This video really brought back some good memories when I traveled there a couple of years ago, I ❤️🇨🇦

  8. ratana arya k

    hi Luke and Sabrina….i am from indonesia…i do like your episode { all of them }….but one question that always come to my mind everytime i watch your filmis…so much food you eat but you still skinny Luke…HOW ?????

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