Giant Jiggly Cake Making Cutting / 巨大蛋糕製作 – Taiwanese Food

Giant Jiggly Cake Making in Taiwan / 巨大蛋糕製作 – Taiwanese Food

*** Pricing / Location ***
$4 USD / per box
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Taichung City, Taiwan


38 Replies to “Giant Jiggly Cake Making Cutting / 巨大蛋糕製作 – Taiwanese Food”

  1. exploreaswego

    Wow! Looks amazing to see them making the Jiggly Cake! Even better to see the yummy final product. Wow didn't know there was CHEESE!?!?!? They are so calculated with all of the cuts too! So cool!

  2. Garlic Ginger Scallion

    I love this each layer is so jiggly wiggly and i love the cheese in the middle makes the flavor more delicious 😋 I want to sleep on it like a pillow so I can eat it at night and sleep 😴 at same time no fair ur always eAting these yummy cool fun foods !!!

  3. Linhan Design 林函建築室內設計

    來visit你了,訂閱 +++按讚 +80,,也歡迎來看溫哥華的設計channel. 🙏🙏❤❤ DANNY真有口福啊~ 好想好想吃台式蛋糕啊

  4. DIY Masters澳洲生活


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