Road Trip To Taiwan's Highest Road!

Time for a road trip through the mountains of central Taiwan and the beautiful Taroko National Park. We drive from Hualien’s Qingshui cliffs to Taiwan’s highest road at mount Hehuan, passing by dramatic landscapes and scenic views. Oh and we start off with some milk tea of course 😉

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We’re Naick & Kim, a Belgian couple that quit our jobs at the end of 2018 to travel the world and have been on the road for more than a year. If you want to follow along for the rest of our journey, you can subscribe to our travel vlog series here:

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47 Replies to “Road Trip To Taiwan's Highest Road!”

  1. Yvonne Lin



  2. YS Liao

    Definitely using fog light instead of using the blinker.
    The truth is that little Taiwanese driver have enough knowledge to drive properly, that can also explain why you see the bad truck driver when going to sun moon lake.

  3. Yet Summer


  4. 鄒宗益

    剛才看到 砂石車對你 逼車一事 上新聞了。
    台灣砂石車很 蠻橫。
    是我 我會停他車頭 請他下車。要不就讓他直接把我車壓過。

  5. 平心氣合

    在山裡遇到霧氣時 有經驗的駕駛人 都會打著閃燈 以提醒前後來車 保持距離 以免發生突發狀況
    沒經驗的駕駛人 就不懂這沒明文規定的觀念!!
    而霧燈 台灣每台汽車都有配備的 但霧燈只朝對向照 而無法提醒後方 所以才一直閃著警示燈!!!

  6. Rock Man

    Wow! ! If it is foggy, sometimes you may encounter ghosts, maybe it is not solved by staying overnight, if you are in the mountains next time, I hope everything is careful

  7. 王辰佑

    Hi Naick and Kim , maybe it’s a little bit late to tell u that 鹿野高台 ( Kano hill ) in Taitung have hot air ballon from 7/11 to 8/30
    If the weather is good you can try to experience hot air ballon there !

  8. 孫清綉


  9. 鄭景鴻

    About 30 years ago, vehicles in Taiwan did not have fog lights, but mountain roads in Taiwan were also prone to fogging. Therefore, people will turn on the flashing warning when the road conditions are not good. This is the habit of people over 55 years old. .

    The current traffic rules have been changed, and the timing of using the flash is when you encounter a dangerous situation (such as a car failure, road damage, front traffic jam, etc.), which is used to remind other drivers to respond carefully.

    However, Taiwan’s traffic promotion is not accurate, and the driver’s license test is too easy (basically you don’t need to understand all the regulations, but you can get a driver’s license). Some people are affected by the previous generation and continue this habit. I think changing this habit can only depend on the passing of time.

    Basically, when there is fog, turn on the fog lamp. If there is no fog lamp, just turn on the headlight.

  10. Logitec5h- 太鼓 & CS-KZ

    Very simple and kind clip makes me wanna cry…
    Thanks for @Naick & Kim.
    I think I should walk outside to see how beautiful Taiwan it is.

  11. Gotta Lin


  12. Fred Miller

    As nice a diversion as always!… Have you trademarked the blue umbrella, yet? Just start. Maybe I brought this up before. Superman's got the "S." But anti-hero travelers with a sky-blue umbrella? Made in the shade!

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