Taiwan Seafood Auction – Fresh Seafood and Fish !

Traditional Taiwanese Market
Seafood Auction

地址: 台中市豐原區水源路1號
Taichung City, Taiwan


31 Replies to “Taiwan Seafood Auction – Fresh Seafood and Fish !”

  1. Brenda Baclig Sol

    hi friend this is so much amazing fresh fish vendors on sale promotion fish those many people's just waiting for another on sale fish to take out mmm this is great its easy for them to sale immediately those a lot of boxes I hope they dont loose their gain
    I enjoyed fully watched till the end thumbs up I hope waiting for your return I hope you do desame my friend you do desame greetings from Switzerland

  2. Soothe The Soul Music

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful video, love it and will def come back to see you again soon. Have a wonderful day and take care.🌺🌺🌺

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