15 Replies to “Taiwan Travel & Quarantine Day 1!”

  1. rockstarmiento

    Hi, we need to get our mom to Taiwan for medical treatment. May I know the name of the quarantine hotel you stayed in? We love the idea of the joined rooms.

  2. Sydney M

    Were you traveling to Taiwan to visit or to stay more long term? My husband and I are wanting to visit next year and when you mention “quarantine hotel”, is that for more long term visits? My husband and I will essentially be “tourists” and stay 10 days, and want to travel around the island. We are aware that the pandemic is still happening and will cancel if it’s too risky. He’s been before to Taiwan but I never have and only left the USA once before (to go through Canada to get to Alaska). I’m trying to learn as much as I can about international travel xD

  3. marcelo espindola

    Dear thank you for all information. Please, let me know what was your hotel. Because I'm facing difficulties to find a hotel to stay in a quarantine together with my wife.

  4. Lauren and Jimmy

    Just came across this video. Not sure if you all are still in Taiwan, but let us know if you need anything. We live in TienMu (not far from Beitou). Hope every is going well. Taiwan is such an awesome and easy country to get around in.

  5. S Quan

    Thank you so much for posting this video! We are going mid July to pick up our kids and we were Soo freakout and worried about the travel and quaretine time.

    We also have to do some local travel to Taichung to pick up our kids, another worry for when we get there I guess. Thank you again for posting your experience.

  6. Jeff Scott

    Please, please, please be sure to tell us about the food! Do you order food to be delivered? Can you order from anywhere that will deliver? Is it provided by the hotel? What's the deal? Thank you for sharing these!

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