TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Beitou Hot Springs & Resort, Tamsui Night Market, Yang Ming Shan

Places featured in Part 1 of our Taipei, Taiwan travel vlog:

-Beitou Hot Springs & the Japanese traditional resort we stayed in (Radium Kagaya International Hotel)
-Yang Ming Shan
-Tamsui Night Market

Our Taiwan Trip highlights video:
Our House tour Before & After:
Our IVF Journey:
Our announcement video!

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9 Replies to “TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Beitou Hot Springs & Resort, Tamsui Night Market, Yang Ming Shan”

  1. Fromania

    What an awesome resort and adventure! Looks like an amazing place to visit. Keep on smiling and creating! If you get a chance, we'd be honored if you swung by our channel and checked out our latest upload as well!

  2. hello.wooriya's해외방랑기

    My last overseas trip was Taiwan , I had really great time there. It brings my memories. I wish we can travel in near future again 🙁

  3. fai kwok

    I went to Taiwan in December 2018. It was my first time visiting Taiwan. I also stayed in Beitou, but the hotel I stayed wasn't very nice. The yummy food makes me miss Taiwan so much. I will definitely revisit it when corona is over. I have a question. I wonder if u guys speak mandarin. I heard Phil speaking mandarin in the video. I m a Cantonese speaker but I can also speak mandarin. When I was there, I did all the talking because my husband doesn't speak mandarin cos he's a Cantonese speaker. Have a nice day, sending u love from Hong Kong 😊

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