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The most rewarding travel days are the ones where you end up in a beautiful beach paradise, like the one we are heading to today, in the very south of Taiwan! After spending a week in Tainan, it is time to leave and explore other parts of Taiwan. Today we travel to Taiwan’s most famous beach destination, Kenting, which many people have told us has the island’s best beaches. Join us as we travel by train to Kaohsiung and continue to Kenting, after a little shopping pit stop in downtown Kaohsiung.

We will be staying in Taiwan for the coming weeks/months. If you want to discover what it is like to live as a foreigner in Taiwan, what daily life looks like (costs, apartment, etc.) as well as exploring some of the beauty Taiwan has to offer, then subscribe to our channel.


We’re Naick & Kim, a Belgian couple that quit our jobs at the end of 2018 to travel the world and have been on the road for more than a year. If you want to follow along for the rest of our journey, you can subscribe to our travel vlog series here:

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47 Replies to “TRAVELING TO PARADISE! (Taiwan Vlog)”

  1. Casper Chang

    Kenting ia beautiful we were there last Jan.with my wife and kids. Its high time for mangoes in kenting right now mango shake mango slushy mango ice cream and just plain mango meat.

  2. 禾禾水

    八年前在宜蘭礁溪被計程車坑了,不管遠近一律起跳價200元,但宜蘭市計程車按表計費,礁溪身為宜蘭熱門景點,計程車如此坑人簡直破壞形象。不知現在有没有改善?各位到宜蘭旅行者可改搭宜蘭勁好行公車,一趙車資刷悠遊卡15元學生10元,有多條光觀路線,宜蘭各轉運站或宜蘭、羅東、頭城、礁溪火車站附,上綱查「宜蘭勁好行」節能減碳請多加利用!車站附可租電動車便捷機動。歡迎來好山好水宜蘭旅行呀! (宜蘭勁好行資訊,宜蘭觀光局推廣輕旅行特惠)

  3. 林千千



  4. 杰叔狠溫柔


  5. Kelvin Ho

    Too bad no one started singing on the bus, a lot of times, people can sing karaoke on the buses, it's fun to watch. If you go north, there are car/bus rest areas that have lots of food options, it's interesting to see that as well. If you are still in Taiwan around August a lot of people may avoid going into the water, it's the 'ghost' month (lunar july) and culturally, lots of superstition at that time.

  6. KD

    Try Green Island and Lanyu (Orchid Island) on the southeast coast. Green Island used to be a prison for political prisoners. Now it's a perfect island paradise. If you know how to ride a scooter, the B&B usually comes with the rental.

  7. wfire1412 C

    This beach is very popular. However, it is usually very crowded. This time, it's because of the coronavirus so it is not as crowded. You are so lucky!

  8. Pradeep Rajagopal

    Waited till the end to check on your genting resort, alas we have to wait for the next video. Just like television serials you stopped at the right moment, we have to wait a couple of days more…..Lol

  9. Flammulina

    I highly recommend you guys to go to Lanyu(Orchid Island/Koto Island)!
    Which is a small island located in the sea near Taitung
    It has unique culture of the Tao tribe of Taiwanese aboriginals
    And if my memories were correct
    Their special fair begins in June
    Just the time to go there!

    I've been there before and it was amazing!

  10. yirong Lin


  11. Yi-Ching Lin

    Because our genetic, most of Taiwanese do not like drinking because we are lack of AlDH2 for metabolizing alcohol (almost 50% of population). That is reason you cannot see bar everywhere compare to Korea or Japan

  12. Yi-Ching Lin

    I want to pee and ocean helps…lol When I am getting old especially women..may have the same feeling. I found the same thing that water sound will help me to pee that 😂 is pretty annoying sometime.

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