🌿 LAST LIMITED EDITION POSTERS!! & Taiwan Travel News!! 🌿 Pixel Biology Updates


They will only be available for ONE WEEK (until May 30th 2017) and I only have a limited number of them available, but get them while they’re hot and have the very first signed posters from our Pixel Biology community EVER!! ~(^o^)~

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• Seri is a biologist-in-training with an intense passion for plants and filling her house to the brim with finches, potted plants, and biology “specimens” that look oddly like snail shells, mossy, and twigs covering every available surface.

She is also big into spreading her love of the natural world through the entertaining medium of story-telling through video games! Jump on in and see what our amazing, animal-loving, plant-studying community is all about! And remember, stay curious!

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34 Replies to “🌿 LAST LIMITED EDITION POSTERS!! & Taiwan Travel News!! 🌿 Pixel Biology Updates”

  1. a wood

    seri how do u stop a rabbit biting u because my rabbit :bonnie: dose not stop nipping me ive tried to spray him with water but it didn't work ive tried to calm him but still! is it my t shirt or something cus he has already chewed a hole though one whoooo my money wasted

  2. Leah Groess

    I got "Zoo Crafting: Side Quest! Vote for Fruit!! [Zoocast]".
    I've been watching the first season of Zoocraft because I like to start at the beginning, and I keep forgetting about the zoocraft sidequests! Now I need to watch more so I know what the winner was. I've been watching season 4 as well because I love the community interaction and want to stay current with it.

  3. a wood

    seri u have really persuaded me to be like u I realise it is wrong to hurt anmals for food so I have become a vegaterian. I have got 3 rabbits and two cats and two fish and care for them well I am also being a vet when I'm older

  4. Alex

    Holy Karp (Yes, I just said Karp…) I almost got scared to death! I thought it had said 'last post' on the thumbnail! Lol! So glad it wasn't!!! XD I would have a heart attack if that would happen lol

  5. chrysanthemum

    Hi, Seri! I just made my Youtube channel, so I rushed over, and subscribed to you! You are my role model! I love your videos, and please don't push yourself making them! My favorite SERIes- okay i'm sorry! I just had to make the pun, but I love Meadow, Warriors untold tales, Warriors Sims 3 legacy, Zoocraft, and so much more! I know you'll never see this comment, but it's nice knowing that's it's floating around somewhere! 🙂

  6. Yodelere

    I clicked it and got "Jurassic Park Builder || KING OF THE DINOSAURS || Episode #47". I didn't even know you had that series!! That's so fun!! Here's my character if the small chance I have of getting picked happens :). Its for warrior cats.
    Pouncetail – a pale creamy-yellow tabby she-cat with creamy white paws and silvery-green eyes. She is flirty, a loner, and laid-back. Her Sims traits are Independant, Friendly, and Neat.

  7. Krystal Rodriguez

    OMG! I have been watching your videos ever since i was like 8 and i have been keeping up with you from the very first zoocrafting video. At that time i was obsessed with finding the perfect minecraft series and then i found it! Ever since my love for animals and nature have really grown and i love your channel sooo much. As soon as I heard that you had posters i started saving up and working around the house and finally was able to buy one! When you put up this video i was about to go to bed but i saw that you were going to stop selling them so i ran to the living room and i convinced my parents to buy me the poster with the money i had made!! I love your channel and everything you do on it !! Thank you so much for being you, because it has really helped me find… well me!! Keep up the great work!!💗💛💙💜💚❤💗

  8. Wolf Whistle Studios

    I got "A Meadow Blooms With Lost Kits", which is funny considering how excited I was for this episode to come out xD. I guess the generator knows how much I love Warrior Cats haha.

  9. Tigermeow

    I got one of your Stardew Valley episodes(One that I may or may not have seen because I watch that series while drawing!) and I do love that series, along with so many others that you've made!
    I clicked it again so I could get something I haven't seen, and I got a Spore episode! I hadn't known you played Spore! Maybe when I finish all your Stardew Valley videos, I'll yse this series next while I work on stuff! <3

  10. Daveanna

    I got Zoocrafting! My favorite series <3
    Season 3 – Episode 152: A Gardener and His Cats Among the Nemesias

    Kind of an interesting pick, from 5,100+ of your videos, the generator chose one representing your 159,000+ viewers! You've really skyrocketed since last year, it's been amazing to come along for the ride <3

  11. E.M. D

    Dear Seri! I clicked the random video butten! – and I have goted this: Frolicking in Fountains with Plant Sims!! • Sims 4 Legacy: Season 3 • Episode #14
    And you said that I can pick any job I would like! – yes?
    So… I would love to be an NPCs in your "ZOO CRAFTING"! I am so sorry I didn't saw all your episodes of "ZOO CRAFTING" so I don't know do you hane this job allready… But I would really want to be a dragon trainer! If I'm going to be lucky in of for you to write me a mesege, I will be the most happiest person in the whole WORLD!

    ~MY PHONE NUMBER IS: +371 29 680 424! – I am from LATVIA – it's in EURASIA~

  12. Beautyiscool307

    I clicked on the generator and it took me to 101 dalmations sim challenge! But it took me to an episode later in the series and I just have to watch things in order! Too much of a perfectionist I suppose but I'll watch it soon- maybe after I at least finish watching season 1 of zoo crafting.. xD still about 300 episodes to go.

  13. Sharon Kofoed

    I was just wondering if you were going to be able to do more Meadow eps with Stacy before you left!  How cool that Chips was able to get into that program!  Congrats on selling all of the posters!!!  Random generator gave me "Returning to our abandoned farm" from Farmville 2, Season 3, Episode 1…only watched a few of those…may have to watch some more!  Haven't played Farmville in ages 😛  New slimes?!??!  Squee!!!  If your looking for short little space games, Kairobotica and Epic Astro Story 😛  Have happy and safe travels!

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