Mukbang: Food trip in Taiwan's Rahoe Night Market (Part 2)

Part 2 – Food trip Mukbang in Taiwan’s Rahoe Night Market


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33 Replies to “Mukbang: Food trip in Taiwan's Rahoe Night Market (Part 2)”

  1. azuna walker

    When gloco si hentai 😞
    Gloco: wow is so cute
    Me: ay now that gloco like hentai now
    In when gloco eat the hotdog yes ths is a hentai so censored it
    Is funny in your friend wan't to try the bikini ✌
    Watching old video of philipino

  2. CooLVanz alyas Kulogsheet / Kamay na Bakal

    Nag-originate talaga yung Halo-Halo natin sa Japan… search niyo na lang sa google yung panghimagas ng Japan na pinag-gayahan ng halo-halo sa pinas.

    I think it was Japanese Kakigori dessert.

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