Ep 6: Family, Food & Jiufen | Traveling To Taiwan During A Pandemic / COVID-19 – Hot Pot, Taro Ball

The fun continues with even MORE amazing food and meeting Sophie’s Dad & Aunt FOR THE FIRST TIME! After all the seafood & duck, we traveled to Jiufen for sight seeing and some amazing taro ball!

Places visited in this week’s episode:
– Addiction Aquatic Development 樂烹鍋物
– The Hot Pot 樂烹鍋物
– Third Floor Hair Salon 三樓髮藝
– 不老松足湯 (Massage Spa)
– Palais de Chine Hotel 君品酒店
– Le Palais 頤宮
– Jiufen 九份
– Ah Gan Taro Balls 阿柑姨芋圓

Series: Traveling To Taiwan During A Pandemic
Episode 6: Family, Food & Jiufen 九份

Follow my journey as I travel from Chicago, who is hurting from COVID-19, to Taipei, Taiwan where they are living life as if it was 2019, and I get to meet my wife’s family for the first time. I’m releasing new episodes every Monday!

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5 Replies to “Ep 6: Family, Food & Jiufen | Traveling To Taiwan During A Pandemic / COVID-19 – Hot Pot, Taro Ball”

  1. R. S.

    You are a lovely and great match

    All the places and restaurants you went to from last episode to this episode

    They are very popular in Taiwan and famous for their delicious food
    and scenery

    Your wife's family treats you very well


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