Taking myself on a solo trip to Nantou, Taiwan 🇹🇼⛰ [我在台灣第一次的獨自旅行]

Solo Female travel in Taiwan to Nantou mountains 🇹🇼❤️
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45 Replies to “Taking myself on a solo trip to Nantou, Taiwan 🇹🇼⛰ [我在台灣第一次的獨自旅行]”

  1. 英卡爾Karl

    Miss those mountains. I used to do my research up in Da xue Shan 大雪山 and Ali Shan 啊麗山 twenty years ago. Still got heaps of photos of the 921 quake damage which was so scary.

  2. Jerry Tai

    Great trip and marvelous editing! The view is spectacular up in the mountains which is rare in sub-tropical island of Taiwan. The food is ridiculously expensive though. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more videos. Have a great new year! (Envy to see no crowds in your video!!)

  3. Han ren

    wow, travel by urself in taiwan. In taiwan usually only Taipei is convenient for expats(if not fluent in Han-yu) just like south korea or Japan, but the rest of taiwan is inconvenient to travel if u can't read the native text.

  4. Saumik Barua

    Saw your video late last night and randomly decided to go there today for 2 days! ..and you're right it's cheaper when you contact them directly. Got the room for about 6k for 2nights since I'm travelling solo. Cheers 🍻

  5. Megi88

    Wow this trips looks freaking amazing, I really loved the scenery. Also, I would say this is quite affordable given the amazing accommodation you had and the fact you could take the tour with them as well. Btw, travelling in Taiwan seems quite easy and convenient, do you feel it's easier or harder to travel in Taiwan than in Japan?

  6. Becky French

    while your videos show you're obviously super adventurous this is the first one where I was like "whoa, I'd be scared to do that with limited language skills on my own." But you not only made it look totally doable you made it look so much fun! You're inspiring me haha!

  7. Brad Altemeyer

    nice solo trip, Amazing place,,, sometimes for sunrise, especially on an ocean beach you can see the green flash (technically before the sun comes up, all the colors of the rainbow flash by) on some days- I've only seen it once on a trip where I stopped at the beach in Tampico Mexico.

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