Traveling to TAIWAN! (earthquakes, night market, and bubble teas!) 🇹🇼🍢🥤

A quick trip to Taiwan during the heat of the Spring! Spent a majority of the time at night market eating everything in sight! Tried new foods and the original bubble teas! Also experienced an earthquake on the 8th floor eeek!

Originally filmed and uploaded in 2016.
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34 Replies to “Traveling to TAIWAN! (earthquakes, night market, and bubble teas!) 🇹🇼🍢🥤”

  1. Yellow 狼仔

    Congratulations 🎊 In my opinion, experiencing earthquake in Taiwan means that you know Taiwan better.

    Best wishes from Taiwan and wish you stay safe and healthy in 2021. Hope to see you in Taiwan in this year or in the future. ❄️🇹🇼

  2. 洪麗華

    If you don't like the bubble tea so sweet, you you can tell the vendor to add half or just a little sugar to the tea. You can also decide if you want to add ice to the tea or not.

  3. Brad Altemeyer

    I had a 5.7 quake wake me up at 2:30am in Taipei once,,, but I missed one because I was driving my motorcycle during it and didn't notice. Taiwan is great to visit for food! (MTC1990-93, then two to three week trips in 2010, 2014, 2018)

  4. Maddieoo7

    Lol, I love trying to figure out what year it is based on your color and style. 😅

    Didnt know how much I missed your travel vlogs! Thanks Whitney!

  5. JJWSVTK abi

    Your blue and pink/red hair gives me flashbacks of your old videos lol

    Edit: lol I didn't see the bio but now I know that's it's a vlog from 2016, I was already wondering why no one was wearing masks and why it was hot outside hehe

  6. MsInsomnia89

    Lol, first 20 seconds, had to read the description. Was wondering what alternate, maskless universe you inhabited. It's called 2016. 😂

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