3-Course BRUNCH with Gourmet Coffee in Taiwan 7-Eleven?!

Taiwan is known for its 7-Elevens. We went to Taipei and went to an absolutely incredible 7-11. First we experienced the store with its enormous array of convenience items (ATMs, paying bills, electronics, a literal bookstore, etc), then we went onto the coffee and food.

There’s a gourmet coffee shop in here, people, with real baristas making Starbucks-quality latte art. You can sit and enjoy the coffee while you read a book.

And then the food! There’s an amazing variety of snacks and convenience foods, like sushi, instant ramen, an unbelievable number of bento boxes, hotpot, a huge bakery with all kinds of Asian baked goods, drinks from all over Asia like tea and Yakult, and of course tea eggs.

We had a real 3-course brunch for two, starting with fresh sweet potato (地瓜), moving onto hotpot (technically oden or 關東煮), and finishing with some killer tea eggs (茶葉蛋). Oh and by the way, this amazing lunch for two only cost $5 USD!!!

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42 Replies to “3-Course BRUNCH with Gourmet Coffee in Taiwan 7-Eleven?!”

  1. Rorschachqp

    We do have these stores in America, at least where I come from in So Cal (I live in Arcadia, a Chinese city located in the US). They’re called “malls”. Instead of a section for certain goods, we have multiple stores. For example, at the Westfield mall in Arcadia, we have an entire Muji store. We have more land here and everyone has a car so everything here is bigger and more spread out. Instead of having a bakery section, we have multiple JJ and Duke Bakeries. Instead of a Ding Tai Fung, we have multiple Ding Tai Fungs.

  2. 王士齊

    Taiwan is not part of China
    Taiwan is an independent country
    The population even exceeds Australia
    Taiwan has its own writing, language and culture, which are different from China
    Taiwan has its own president, army, diplomats, official currency, and Congress
    Taiwan ’s officials are elected by democratic elections. Taiwan has a variety of religious beliefs, and there are many unique local beliefs. This is not allowed by China, which implements atheism
    Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly are huge differences between China and Taiwan

    In the 1950s, even most people in Taiwan did not speak Chinese
    Mandarin was only introduced to Taiwan after the 1950s
    The so-called they all came from "China." Is a very serious mistake. This is the racism invented by the Chinese government to invade Taiwan.
    Not all Taiwanese are from China, just like Americans are not all from England
    If you say Irish are equal to citizens of the United Kingdom, Irish may be angry
    Even early immigrants in the United States are not only from England, but also from Scotland, Wales, etc., not to mention immigrants from so many countries in Europe.
    Early Taiwan was also a population composed of immigrants from many countries, regions and ethnic groups
    In the 1950s, even most people in Taiwan did not speak Chinese

    Ethnically, Taiwanese are also different from Chinese
    Indigenous peoples among Taiwanese have more than 20 races. Each race uses a different language. Taiwan ’s indigenous people belong to the Pacific ethnic group. The languages ​​used are classified as Austronesian.
    Indigenous people of Taiwan belong to the Austronesian people
    Austronesian languages, cultures and ethnic groups are very, very different from the Chinese
    Taiwan ’s indigenous people and original residents are completely different from the Chinese who use Chinese
    Taiwan also has many mixed-race descendants from the colonial period
    Taiwan ’s colonial home country The Netherlands, Spain, Japan
    There were pirate immigrants in early Taiwan, and American troops in the late
    These are the origins of many ethnic groups in Taiwan
    In addition to Mandarin, Taiwan also has many languages ​​in use
    All the claims that Taiwan and China are the same race are racism made by the Chinese government
    This is a very serious discrimination
    Taiwan is a multicultural and multilingual independent country
    Indigenous Taiwanese have lived in Taiwan for more than eight thousand years
    In recent decades, more than 700,000 people from Southeast Asian countries have entered Taiwan
    Even new immigrants from Europe, the United States, and all over the world join Taiwanese citizenship
    Are the descendants of Dutch beards with red beards Chinese?
    Are Americans immigrating to Taiwan also Chinese?
    The use of Mandarin means that the Taiwanese are from the same place as the Chinese? This is a big misunderstanding

  3. sky blue

    Congrats Xiaoma, that black popstical is actually grains mixed with a pork blood gelatin!! I would never dare to eat that but congrats I guess!

  4. Adeline Chang

    ahaha lmao im taiwanese but ive never seen one such big 7-11 lmaooo
    prob bc i live in bkk but yea wow
    btw i think u went to prob one of the fancier 7-11s in taiwan bc like normally its not that big ig ahaha
    and btw thailands 7-11 is okay, like compared to taiwan its not that great but u should also come if u hv time!! the shopping malls here r greatttt

  5. Karina Murison

    Aww I love Dave!
    This 7 eleven is mind blowing you could live in it! Everything you could possibly need under one roof I bet they even have a shower in there somewhere! 🤣 Taiwanese people don't play around they do things perfectly or not at all 👌 oh I so need to get my butt to China but first I will learn how to speak mandarin ❤️

  6. geo g

    I feel like the 711 in the US is literally trying to kill us lol The food is all frozen or processed. They have bottom barrel meats like cheeseburger hotdogs and chicken rollers that contain no more than like 50% actual chicken in it. Most drinks have high fructose corn syrup or excessive sugar. Need to go to Japan and Taiwan!

  7. Legacy Turbo

    7-11 is the USA are dirty run down shit holes lol😂 here in Canada they no longer exist most likely cause they were too dirty …!!!! But in all Seriousness circle k was bought out by this French Canadian that owns the most corner stores in the world and replaced all our macs milks and winks and 7-11 with circle k

  8. kittylynn14

    So the 7-Elevens in Oklahoma City and basically all of Oklahoma are run by one company not individually. Most of them are super nice not like this but they are better than the 7-Elevens I have seen in other parts of the U.S.

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