Giant Grouper Cutting Skills – Taiwanese Street Food/ 龍膽石斑切割技能

[Gentian Grouper Scale Collagen] Under the technical guidance of professional professors, it is boiled into natural collagen through its scales. It melts in the mouth, and the taste is dense with vitamin C-rich passion fruit and honey to make it sour and sweet but not greasy. , And no fishy smell, so that the more you eat, the healthier you are.
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  1. Владимир Васильев

    Ни чего сверх естественного, а только косяк с вспоротым желчным пузырем.

  2. 田村いくみ


  3. Reverson cleber Ferdinando

    Que maravilha muito bom Parabéns gostei do modo diferentes de preparar o peixe .
    What a wonderful wonder Congratulations I liked the different way of preparing the fish.
    🇧🇷👍🇧🇷👍🇧🇷..Happy New Year ..

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