Hualien Taiwan | Exploring Hualien

I had been wanting to visit Hualien Taiwan for such a long time! It felt amazing to finally make it there and explore some of the things Hualien has to offer. I spent my first day in the Taroko Gorge in Hualien, which was amazing! You can watch my video of it here

In this video I spent more time exploring some more interesting and random things around Hualien city and the county. If you love the outdoors and scenery, Haulien is a must visit for you!

Welcome to my channel! I’m Patrick and this is Patmax Adventures! I’m originally from California and have been living abroad for the past four years. I decided to start this channel to share my experiences and passion for travel with others. My goal with this channel is to share and show as much as I can of the World. My focus will always be on the culture, food and of course the local people of everywhere I travel to! I’m an optimist and always try to highlight the positives of a place rather than just the negatives.Though I will also be bluntly honest at times too! If you love travel and exploring far away places, then you found the right place!

Join me in living every moment to the Max!! ^^







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Recorded with: Sony HDR AS3000 Action Cam

37 Replies to “Hualien Taiwan | Exploring Hualien”

  1. Thembelihle Dlamini

    A quick question did they ask for a scooter license whn you hired urs?????

    I have a taiwanese drivers license but not a scooter license

  2. Mark M.

    So glad I found your videos. I’ll be traveling to Taiwan for 9 days alone and will be using your videos as my guide. Do you think it’s better to make overnight trips to hualien and kaoshiung rather than just take day trips from taipei to each place?

  3. Maghie's youtube channel

    Patmax adventure i live hualien in 3 years but im so sad because i dont have a chance to explore that place the night market and the taroko.its been a big mistake to me.

  4. Erick Abarca

    Really nice video buddy! Beautiful beach and landscape but you have to try Costa Rican beaches. Have no doubt you will love them.

    Keep vlogging! I enjoy your channel.

  5. Antonello Bacchetti

    Hi, very good video and amazing scenarios as always! What's the average temperature like in that place yearly? I think it should be mild, what's your general opinion about Taiwan climate?

  6. Crushi: Original Indie Artist, Producer & Musician

    Whoa! What a fantastic tour, cinema/video and moments. Thank you for producing, creating, sharing and being so positive! Beautiful video!

  7. balzor

    "Ooooh, Aaaah,Ooooh" classic. Your editing is getting really tight (maybe mix in a few dissolves instead of the jumps for aesthetics). Glad you are killing it out there and enjoying life. I remember our conversation about starting a vlog sitting at the bus stop in jeju. ~Dave

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