Taiwanese Dessert Is Like A Gooey Pancake With Chocolate

Wheelcake Island is one of the first places to sell wheelcakes, a popular Taiwanese squidgy dessert in London. The shop offers a variety of flavors including chocolate, custard, green tea, and adzuki beans.


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40 Replies to “Taiwanese Dessert Is Like A Gooey Pancake With Chocolate”

  1. HunterofArtemis

    Wait $4 for one? Are you f*cking kidding me? Ofc stuff sold at tourist spots will be more expensive. I can get 2 of those for a snack at a local shop for $2.40

  2. Rhazlee Nazhier

    in the philippines that would be just 10centabos and it is so yummy it is called japanese cake in ph brw it is sold in the markets in san antonio zambales

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