AMAZING Fish Market in Taiwan | Seafood Tour in Taiwan (Disappearing Island)

BEST STREET FOOD in TAIWAN, Fish Market in Taiwan, Seafood Tour

Did a bit of a food vlog this time I hope you enjoyed it! We visited the Budai Fish Market in South Western Taiwan. Also visited the island of Waisandingcho which won’t be around much longer due to rising sea levels! Awesome #seafood in Taiwan!


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Music by DJ Quads

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34 Replies to “AMAZING Fish Market in Taiwan | Seafood Tour in Taiwan (Disappearing Island)”

  1. Anne Corey

    Nice to watch you eat you love your food is nice. to know you love your. food. very nice to know you enjoy very much you both very. lucky to go round the. World for your food thank you for your beautiful holiday clips thank you for sharing. Bless you both, 10–12–18-

  2. George Dixon

    I like the music playing in the background.The song is by Mary Wells, (you beat me to the punch). Its sounds so cool in Chinese. Could you tell me how I can get a copy of Chinese version?

  3. Messler Erika

    the sea turtle part is brutal but also raise awareness of how we should be kind to the environment, so proud of TW for banning plastic straws! 👍👍👍

  4. Jann Cruz

    I cherish every single clip of Sabrina ! lol she's so gorgeous !! Need more Sabrina !!!!! <3 I can't stop watching back to back videos of you guys !!

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