Taiwan Travel freebies – Museums, parks and more

This day is all about some free attractions in Taipei. First I visit 2 art galleries close to my hotel. These museum/galleries gave me an idea of Taiwan’s old and modern art which I was impressed with, although I do not consider myself an expert in art. The facilities are very well kept and fairly quiet. Next to them is the Botanical Garden which I decided to visit as well. I was surprised not just of the vast lush gardens spaces but also the passion the Taiwanese citizens have for among other things photography, bird watching and painting. It is certainly a nice place to go and relax. Later I continued with a brief stop at the Liberty Square where I saw several dance and music groups in training. In the late afternoon I went to the Elephant Mountain which I did not want to miss. It was in a way my challenge for this trip, but was it worth it? I finish of the day at the Ximending area again where it was full of things to see on busy this Friday night.

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  1. Cydney X

    The scooters were a bit annoying in the markets even in the 80s, but not as many then. ^_^ Getting outside of Taipei is an amazing sight; such beautiful countryside, and it seems to go on forever.

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