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A kind of sponge cake baked in an oven with egg, flour, sugar, honey, etc. It is so swollen that it is soft and goes well with milk or coffee. It also goes well with warm barley tea. Castard is also a kind of castella. Custard is a cookie that puts custard in a castella.

In the second half of 2016, Taiwan’s food craze took off.
Taiwan’s Castella store has opened!!

It became very popular.
The stores opened in rapid succession.

The Wang Castella chain is trying to make a hit.

First of all, there was nothing special about how to manufacture castella.

It was an item that anyone could make quickly.

Although it tastes a little different from the castella sold at the bakery in the neighborhood,

Honestly, is it worth lining up to eat?

At best, there’s whipped cream, custard cream, jam, etc.

I put it in and sold it.

Under these circumstances, in March 2017, the famous Channel A food X-file

It’s called “The Great Castella Secret of Moisture.”

This broadcast is still controversial

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Galaxy S9

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