RAP on the Streets of TAIPEI TAIWAN!

In this video Jives raps all over the North of Taiwan, starting in Taipei 台北 and then in Juifen.
In this new series we decided to go back to our roots. We began filming travel videos whist travelling in 2014, but we didn’t start out making travel vlogs, we were filming rap videos! For six years now we have been filming Jives rapping all over the world. In this installment Jives is rapping on the streets of Taipei Taiwan and Juifen (the Spirited Away City) in the North of the country of Taiwan. There is a pretty big vinyl and hip hop scene in Taiwan and in Taipei in general.

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15 Replies to “RAP on the Streets of TAIPEI TAIWAN!”

  1. Our Travel Place

    Oh my god, we got to see the finished product of all the little clips of Jives rapping, awesome! 👏 I particularly enjoyed the little umbrella scratch 😄

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