Ep 8: Omni #Nightclub & Sophie’s Birthday | Traveling To #Taiwan During A Pandemic / COVID-19 – Food

Our wedding party is over, and it’s time to celebrate some birthdays including Sophie’s once the clock strikes midnight! First up is a night of karaoke and then dancing at Taipei’s most popular #nightclub Omni! Then it’s a day full of amazing food and some family fun!

Places visited in this week’s episode:
– VG The Seafood Bar
– Sing!Go KTV
– G-Woo Restaurant
– RyuGin Restaurant

RyuGin 12 Course Menu:
1. Clam, Green Onion, Egg
2. Corn, Hair Tail
3. Chicken, Blazei Murrill
4. Squid, Fresh Bottarga
5. Threadfin Fish, Cucumber
6. Eel, Magau
7. Milt, Caviar, Vegetable Mustard
8. Langoustine, Seaweed
9. Squab, Rosemary
10. Koshi-hikari Rice, Flower Crab, Brown Swordbelt, Vegetable Fern
11. Strawberry
12. Lotus Root, Red Bean, Black Bean

Series: Traveling To Taiwan During A Pandemic
Episode 8: Omni #Nightclub & Sophie’s Birthday

Follow my journey as I travel from Chicago, who is hurting from COVID-19, to #Taipei, #Taiwan where they are living life as if it was 2019, and I get to meet my wife’s family and experience Taiwan for the first time. I’m releasing new episodes every week!

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Music: H0ly (Ft. Chanc3 Th3 Rapp3r) CADU! Remix
Musician: Just!n B!eber

Music: You Know
Musician: Jeff Kaale

Music: You & Me
Musician: Ehrling

Music: Rays
Musician: Ikson

Music: Take It
Musician: LiQWYD

Music: Soda (Happy Beat)
Musician: Ikson

Music: Shape of You (Alis0n W0nderland Remix)
Musician: 3d 5heeran

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