Check-in in Hotel in Taipei | Travel in Taiwan | Taiwanese Mandarin

Let me show you how to check in a hotel in CHINESE with confidence.
Those are all the standard Chinese Phrases you will hear while check in and Need to Know.
You’ll see my whole conversation with the hotel receptionist. This is the real-world Chinese. Yes Chinese native speakers speak fast but I’m going to break it down for it and guide you through this.

I’d recommend you to WATCH it at least twice to be fully fluent.

🔴How to Benefit from the Lesson? 🔴

* Watch the video at least TWICE to fully understand and be fluent.

* Please observe my interaction with the receptionist including the gestures and interjections.

* Pause the sentence and repeat, speak out loud.

* Complete the QUIZ in the end of the video lesson. I’ll correct it for you.

A big thank you again for this kind hotel receptionist who agreed to act for my video. Yes the whole thing was just acting !

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I’m Miss Lin from Taiwan. A language enthusiastic based in France. I’d like to invite you to join my teaching account on Instagram. . I hope to help you master Chinese in a fast, fun and easy way!

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20 Replies to “Check-in in Hotel in Taipei | Travel in Taiwan | Taiwanese Mandarin”


    謝謝 林老師. 我 要 學 在 post office. I’m working at post office
    How to say « that parcel has been picked already «  in Chinese

  2. Thibaut Sartre

    J'aurais du regarder ça avant de commencer ma quarantaine 🙂
    因為我剛到了台灣, 所以我在高雄飯店必須隔離14天.
    我自學中文有一年半了. 雖然我的女友幫我練習, 但是我喜歡看妳的頻道, 因為我的聽力很差(很爛), 哈哈!
    我覺得網路沒有很多台灣國語的課文, 所以妳的頻道幫我自己改善我的聽力.
    還有, 我總是有問題關於中文的文法, 所以我希望等一下可能支持妳.
    辛苦妳了, 非常感謝 !

  3. 布達

    B:有,我想要入住,check in.
    A :嗯,护照就可以了。

  4. seaniedub0

    “借我影印” 有什麼意思?does "jie" here have a similar meaning to "等一下“ like "give me a sec to print this out". Thank you!

  5. Aldwin Ong

    Really such an effective way of teaching useful conversational Chinese… very practical, and repetition of some terms and expressions in the sentences help to clarify how they should be used, e.g. 想要, 就, 那, (的)部分, ..一下 。 真的很厲害!👍

  6. gabehong

    謝謝老師。我是泰國華裔,在台灣有留學過。當時台灣人講得那麼快的時候我就聽不懂,而且有一些詞像「報帳」或「打統編」我從來沒碰到,也聽不懂。你的視頻太棒了,每個詞慢慢地解釋,然後用現實的交流來解剖一下。真的有用。 希望你繼續做視頻。加油!

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