In this video I explore Taipei, the capital of Taiwan and show how much things cost.
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40 Replies to “HOW EXPENSIVE IS TAIPEI, TAIWAN? Exploring The City”

  1. Stewart Mac

    Gabriel Traveler:Thanks V .informative & quirky look round!No face protection Masks!Taiwan where extremely organised in successful quarantine.Must check flights!?Probably UK will have IMPRISONMENT type LOCKDOWN?No one leaves! Thanks.Mac.HNYEAR!2021.

  2. Jason Barney

    Taipei looks so amazing and clean. No litter. All the buildings are colorful and gleaming. Sidewalks are pristine. Cars and bikes yield for pedestrians. I thought you made a wise choice on the food at the end of the video, going for the place that didn't have english translation for the dishes on the menu. You know you're getting something more authentic.

  3. Raghavan Iyengar

    Gabe, When you visit a country or city, do you do extensive research on the country or city before embarking on a tour? For instance, how do you know what are the main sightseeing places in Taipei? Also, do you do research on how to get there (i.e., mode of transport)? Raj

  4. BIGJED75

    We loved Taiwan, it was our second pick to live after Cambodia. We are sad we missed your Foreigners stuck abroad Vlog. We would have live to be in it. We rode around the whole island for a month on a little 125cc scooter. 7/11s were amazing there also.

  5. Andy

    Love Taiwan, my birth country and am so proud to be. Friendliest country I've ever been to and food is so affordable. A person can eat well for very little, most purchases can even be made using that MRT card! Thank you for bringing me home 🙂

  6. 雨滴


  7. Jordan

    Tip when traveling using metro train and bus in Taipei and all major Taiwan cities. Always buy the youyou (easy) card at 7-11 or family mart. It will save you 10% per travel trip.

  8. Exploration Taiwan

    Hey you finally made it to The Republic Of China in Taiwan 🇹🇼. If your still here make sure you go to the various wild hot springs and beautiful majestic waterfalls !

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