Best Taiwanese Food in St. Louis | Tai Ke Shabu Shabu | Lunch with Friends Vlog 1

I’m a lover of all food though Asian cuisine has a truly special place in my heart. Tai Ke Shabu Shabu was especially delicious, and possibly the first time I’ve had Taiwanese food. Big thanks to Brock for joining me on this lunch date. I’m looking forward to reviewing some of the best-hidden eateries in St. Louis while I have the opportunity to do so. Thanks for clicking around below and supporting the channel too!

Tai Ke Shabu Shabu:


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5 Replies to “Best Taiwanese Food in St. Louis | Tai Ke Shabu Shabu | Lunch with Friends Vlog 1”

  1. a5b9

    The food looks so good and amazing, Cole. Plus, Brock would make an excellent vlogger…he asks intriguing questions. I look forward to seeing more of "Lunch With Friends"!

  2. Grumpy Potoo

    Cole, I have high hopes for you and your channel. You try to be as up front as possible with who you are and what you are about. I have a lot of respect for what you are trying to do and share with others.

    I enjoy hearing in a respectful manner about other’s life experiences and views especially those who differ from mine. It makes a person more understanding of others. This is something that I attempt to strive for.

    However out of the respect that I mentioned before, I’m informing you as to why I will no longer be a subscriber or viewer of your content: I was very disappointed (my heart felt like it literally sank) when you were making a blanket generalized accusations about individuals’ character and integrity (racists) about a group that I identify with (white conservatives). It’s your channel; I respect that so I’m not going to tell you what you should or ought to do. You’re right, I “don’t have power in this relationship” but as this is a characteristic of an abusive relationship I’m out. I just hope you come to realize what you are missing out on in life when you let go of hate. I sincerely wish you well in all that you do both with your channel and in your life.

  3. Ashlee Jones

    If anti-racist comments make people uncomfortable, GOOD. All racists should be uncomfortable and should either try to be better people or get the fuck out.

    I mainly came to the comments to say I'm enjoying the new content, as well as to see how many thirsty comments there were about Brock, but I guess everyone else is keeping quiet so as not to embarrass him, but y'all are two darn good looing fellas🤷‍♀️😘

  4. Robert Braden

    Cole don't throw 1/2 your audience under the bus with your "racist" comment, so tired of hearing it. Your friend is a cool dude I like his personality. The food looked great I will try to check it out when I get out there. Good vlog except the politics! : )

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