Taiwan PowerPoint WoW Sample

Taiwan PowerPoint Presentation: (Sample)

This Taiwan PowerPoint will teach you about the country’s culture, customs, etiquette, cuisine, and much more to assist you in your travels. Did you know that Taiwan had the tallest building from 2004 to 2010? Or that Taiwan had the first woman to ever be presented a Nobel Peace Prize?

The complete version highlights these facts and much more:
• 16 Points on General Information
• 21 Points on Family Life
• 21 Points on Food
• 22 Points on Food Etiquette
• 40 Points on Social Etiquette
• 13 Points on Business Etiquette
• 15 Points on Trivia.

Use Them Over and Over Again. Once purchased, download instructions will be sent to you via email. (PC and MAC Compatible).

Participant Handout included: These participant handouts are identical to the PowerPoint Presentation Content except that the content has been eliminated. Our PowerPoint Participant handouts saves any presentor valuable time in having to prepare the handout themselves.

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