A Taste of Taiwan – Cinematic Travel Video

A traveler’s journey to Taiwan, an island country rich in history and culture.

Sony A7iii
Sony 24-105
Sony 50mm
DJI Mavic 2 Pro


20 Replies to “A Taste of Taiwan – Cinematic Travel Video”

  1. Shin-i-chi Kozima

    It's these wonderful scenery to be full of a sense of reality that brilliant Taiwan seems to really appear in front of me

    Taiwan is great !

    From Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun 🐄

  2. MarcusFilms

    Oh man the natural landscape of Taiwan is magnificent. I've always been persuaded by others to visit this country and now I think I understand why. A great cinematic travel video that has immersed me in Taiwan. Keep the travel videos coming man!

  3. Andy

    This gorgeous vlog totally brings me back to Taiwan, I miss it so much. Did you use the 24-105? been on the fence about it since I am looking at the 24mm 1.4 🙂

  4. j b

    Ive been collecting short pictorial travel vids to show friends before they visit Taiwan, and this goes to the top of the list: beautiful, evocative, honest, and extremely well done. Bravo!

  5. Shadab Shamim

    we are a travel tech media company based out of Hyderabad. We partner with the content creators just like you. If possible can you share your business email address so that we can take this further.

  6. Jessie Nacar

    Fantastic video. Lovely taiwan! Keep it up! I subbed. I make cinematic videos as well. If you like have a look at my latest video. Show some love by liking & sub. Lets support each other. Cheers!😁

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