Traveling to Taiwan!

Erik Conover Video Blog ep 450: I have had this video edited for about one week now. Wasn’t originally going to post it. After bumping into so many amazing people who watch these videos in Taiwan, China and even here in NYC it made me realize how many good people I meet through them and how much you inspire me. There will be some changes but YouTube is something I love and I’m going to keep doing it.

September 5th, 2016
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38 Replies to “Traveling to Taiwan!”

  1. Cindy Peng

    omg I've watched your videos for almost a year, but I guess I missed these Taiwan's vlogs. Never thought you guys would visited Taiwan(which is where I'm from)!! So glad you enjoyed it! Just wanna let you know you have inspired so many people, even across the world here in Taiwan!! 🙂

  2. kristen elle

    damn, erik… getting that worldwide recognition… heh. and also, since everyone on the last video or so was commenting on missing the daily nyc vlogs… yeah, i can see how one would feel nostalgic about those days… but, they can always go back. there's variety here. and now with the traveling, i mean, how could you not love the content? the best part is that we get to experience nyc and now the world with the familiarity of someone that is like one of our friends… i just keep remembering when you said that you hadn't done much traveling before, and would like to, and you just continue to make things happen. this has got to be the benefits of your positive vibes, discipline, and of course, living your passion.

  3. Marissa Nicole

    I really enjoy you and Jess. Love watching your travels and experiences. Im sure it can get tiresome making videos every day, your viewers do enjoy them. Do what makes you happy, I can't wait to see the new content you guys create. Im going to attempt a travel diary on my next adventure, because of genuine vloggers like you.

  4. Matthew Dugger

    I'm just going to say, and hopefully this is encouraging to you, these vlogs are so much a part of my day now. I have had the craziest and worst year of my life this year and these vlogs have really lifted my spirits in such an incredible way! I'm not saying that for sympathy, I say that to encourage you to keep doing what you're doing because it's making in impact in my life and I'm sure many many more lives around the world. I don't know the circumstances surrounding your thoughts of quitting the vlogs but I absolutely love them and love the sincerity of you and Jess. I feel like I know you and I've never even met you. Thank you for contributing positivity in a world full of cynicism. I hope with all of my heart that you never quit vlogging.

  5. 賴寧恩

    Wow, can't believe you came to Taipei!! I've been watching your vlogs as well as Jessica's and it never came to my mind that you'd visit my city someday! Amazing!

  6. melanie Taylor

    hey i flew to hong kong when you were in Paris and i left my coat and scarf in the plane. They actually have a lost and found office in Hong Kong airport (ground floor i think) and i got them back… get him to tweet the airline or email; they were pretty good

  7. Victoria Barwick

    Eric and Jess …. Love you videos. Found you about 2 months ago via ttsandra and love you and Jess. Your videos are so relaxing and positive and interesting, you're both so good together x

  8. Sophy Liu

    Hi Erik I'm your fans from Taiwan, Taipei ! I just want you to know I really enjoy watching your channel and I am so in love with New York City as well!

  9. Emeri

    Another trip vlog yess :)))) The way you film and edit is on point, no one else can do it like you! Honestly , I don't want you to quit youtube , however, even if you do I hope you continue to make videos and do work related to film because you have a talent to capture the magic in everything and it inspires people to go visit foreign places, to see a new perspective in life , to live happily and free . To vlog is one thing , but to capture so many people 's heart…..I cannot even explain how amazing that is.

  10. Tianchang Xu

    Welcome to China! China is a big country with a lot to explore. How about go to mainland China next time? 🙂 Really love you and jess–from Beijing, China

  11. Hannah Carpenter

    Erik, I am so so happy that you have decided to continue doing YouTube. We all love and support you no matter what changes come. Your content should make you happy most of all. You are an inspiration.

  12. ella colt

    The same thing happened to me with my phone when I had landed home in Sweden after my first trip to New York, which was amazing. The sad part was that I didn't get my phone back with all the photos of New York in it. Btw you should so come to Sweden, you'd love it!

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