||Traveling during COVID 19|| Taipei, Taiwan

This last episode is packed with all the exciting adventures Taipei has to offer. Taipei is hands down my favorite city in Taiwan. From all the amazing foods, night markets, coffee shops, and nightlife events, there is always something fun to do! This city girl could not be more satistfied. Not too far from the city, YangMing Mountain and the Yeliou Geopark are only an hour away. There you can get away from the city enjoy the magnificence of nature.
During our trip, we experienced first hand how Taiwan handled the COVID19 crisis. Taiwan took precautions and controlled the situation really well, from having public hand sanitizer stations, checking thermal temperatures before going into crowded places (restaurants, malls, etc.), and everyone wearing masks in public places. I applaud Taiwan for doing such a good job in doing this. #Travel #Adventures #Taiwan #COVID19

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