Taiwan Best Street Food Collection of Memories

This video is a collection of the best street food videos shot in Taiwan from 2019 and early 2020.
Happy New Year 🙂

00:00 Taiwanese traditional crepe
02:41 Giant Cheese Castella
05:36 Large iron plate egg fried rice
08:16 Brown sugar bubble milk
10:34 Fried quail eggs
13:06 Matcha ice cream crepe
16:54 milk rice cake
19:50 Monster Pizza
23:40 Brown sugar bubble green tea souffle cake
28:01 Taiwan’s master of pretzel
31:45 Egg roll
35:55 Taiwanese traditional sweets
39:27 Teppanyaki Beef Steak and Fried Noodles
42:40 Taipei dumpling restaurant
46:14 Giant Takoyaki
49:30 Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea
51:38 Extra Large Ice Cream
53:32 Matcha Souffle Pancake
56:42 Green Tea Pancakes

21 Replies to “Taiwan Best Street Food Collection of Memories”

  1. K DM

    대만의 여려종류의 음식들을 소개해주셔서..훗날 대만여행을 가면 도움이 많이 되겠어요..딸아이가 대만여행가서 먹었던 음식도 있더라고요

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