Taipei, Taiwan (台北,台灣) 2020 – Facts, Sights, People and Food

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Lets take a tour to Taipei, Taiwan. One of the largest cities in the world renowned for its architecture, technical advancements and friendly people.

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00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Surrounded Landscapes
01:07 – Arriving in Taipei
01:48 – Population
02:15 – Scooter Density
03:59 – Climate
04:25 – Economy & Shopping
05:09 – Real Estate
05:44 – Safety
06:02 – Sights – Daan Park
06:48 – Activities & Lifestyle
07:08 – Food & Night Market
08:02 – Sights Taipei 101
08:50 – Sights Elephant Mountain
09:10 – Sights Chiang-Kai-shek
09:32 – Transportation
10:52 – Behind & Outro

Taipei is the Yin and Yang of cities. A place where new meets old. Modern, high built living apartments and sustainable towers stand next to smoky temples and old grid covered apartments which were built in the 70s.
It´s beauty is born from a blend of chinese , japanese, southeast asian and american influences, seen from its architecture, cuisine and courtesy of its people.
Depending on where you start you can reach within 40min georgeous waterfalls, tea plantation hills, phenomenal lake views , mountain ranges with ocean views or sand sculptures and beaches to chill out.

Idea, Concept, Filmed, Edited, Voiceover – Marcin Zabinski (Zabination)

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English/Chniese: PTSGI Certified Translation


– Lonely Planet Book

45 Replies to “Taipei, Taiwan (台北,台灣) 2020 – Facts, Sights, People and Food”

  1. Zabination

    I love Taipei! It is considered one of the most advanced regions in the world. Hit this like button if Taipei is on your list!
    Let me also know what city you want to see next?

  2. S H

    Great movie !! Great aspects shown from Taipei. I have been to Taiwan for more than 6 months including several weeks in Taipei and can confirm what you say. Great country, awesome people outstanding cuisine. I like to go there again as soon as possible since it also still is trouristic insider tip.

  3. Radoslav Sharapanov

    Taiwan is wonderful. The people are kind, intelligent and helpful. The nature is stunningly beautiful. The food is amazing. Cheers

  4. Thor's Adventure

    I really love your video. Very stable and very informative!! I enjoy it so much!!
    Taiwan is a safe & amazing country !!!
    I wonder if you did any video about the east coast of Taiwan ? Any great & convenient spots for beach lovers ?

  5. David Chin

    Why Taiwan never participate in international sport games like Olympics, Asia games or badminton tournament. I never see name of Taiwan or Taiwan flag in these games.

  6. V C

    The video is incredible and amazing
    Ur video shows the whole image of Taipei and Taiwan
    Thanks for filming and look forward to seeing more of your works in the future.

  7. MRL CB

    I found foreign Youtuber know better than Taiwanese. Tainan is also a good place in Taiwan. I believe you can find something we did not see there

  8. Kelvin SC Tan

    Thanks for your video. As you asked at the end of the video, I like to see the cliffs from the sea nearby Tarako Forest Park. That would be wonderful.

  9. How ard

    Dankeschön für diese unglaubliche Film! Just a reminder that we use traditional chinese instead of simplified
    Anyway those shots are just sick👌🏾👌🏾

  10. Knoll Vlogs Tv

    I've been working here in taiwan as foreign worker ….so far, so good this country has impressed me a lot …cleanliness of the city,saafety& the decipline of the people is really amazing…🇹🇼👍

  11. Thomas Flocke

    yessss great video! but it does not realy tell how bad the traffic is in Taipei, just evrywhere nois and bad air. the hotels are just to expensive for what you get. but make sure you get a room withe no window…cause the noise and mostly just a bad view. fantastic the food evrywhere…..just as non chinese speaking person you will get exhausted to ask what it is and to explain what you want. there is nothing in english…….and most food seller do not speak english.
    if you want to drink a beer at evening, i wish you good luck. do not visit the view western pubs, you will be disapointet.
    as long you are not a very very very experienced traveler you better visit other asian cities. Tokio or Osaka are not more expensive.
    if Taiwan wants to attract more western tourists, there is a lot of work to do.
    all the best and good luck to the friendly people in Taiwan.

  12. Fajrul Mutaqin

    I've been there for just a month as exchange student in Taipei, already fall in love with Taipei and Taiwan. Best transportation system and my favourite is its youbike, food, weather, nicest and super friendly people, and its safety. these really sums up in best cinematography in this video! superb! make me really miss Taipei, hope i'd have another chance to visit there.

  13. Lantis Hsieh

    i really love your video, and I hope this video can let the taipei mayor to see this video , the video is tooks very well, ill share it to makes more people know you.

  14. Wendy Yang

    My family and I visited Taiwan for the 1st time before the pandemic. It’s a very beautiful country. Love the mountain, city and peoples. The peoples there are very friendly and we feel safe to walk around even it was midnight. Once I left my cellphone in the ladies bathroom in Taipei 101 and I thought I lose it. But to my surprise someone had found it and bring it to the information desk. We will definitely visit Taiwan again.

  15. Perry Huang

    Awesome film of Taipei ! I now live in Europe and your masterful work makes me nostagic about the city where I used to live for 33 years . I pretty much know every scene in the video and have even lived very close to one . Hope to go back and be able to visit soon this year .
    Maybe you could in the future also visit Tainan , the old capital of Taiwan and my birthplace . It has maintained the best taiwanese culture and some of the most delicious local dishes .

    Again , great job 👍👍👍

  16. David Ebert

    Taiwan is what China wants to be! The street food is phenomenal! The people are friendly and courteous. Transportation is clean and efficient. The teas are bountiful and soothing. Taipei is a fantastic metropolis!

  17. Sherlene Wei

    i was born in taipei but moved to america when i was 7, i miss living in the city so much. this was a beautiful film and rly made me homesick, in a good way tho 🙂

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