38 Replies to “Roast Whole Chicken / 烤全雞 – Taiwanese Street Food”

  1. Bruno Leonardo

    The meat inside the drumsticks is red. On a properly cooked chicken the meat should have a very faint pink or no red at all. Chicken should be cooked throughly, otherwise it's both a health hazard (chicken meat can have parasites) and the meat taste is affected. For a whole chicken it's best to start the grilling from afar the fire, so it can cook at lower temps for longer time, and then bringing it closer so the skin gets cripy.

  2. Cloud Burst 117

    OH MY GOD, thats about the best I can come up with. What an amazing cook in deed. If I had the chance, would be over there in a flash to taste these amazing cooks for myself. Brilliant indeed. real cooking at its best. Stuff the cholesterol.

  3. Ishak Khenniche

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