The Best Guide To Taiwan Travel Guide – Travel + Leisure

The Best Guide To Taiwan Travel Guide – Travel + Leisure

Taiwan has a Japanese-made high speed rail (HSR) sytem. The single line has 12 stops along the extremely established west coast of Taiwan, from Taipei in the north to Kaohsiung (called Zuoying Station) in the south. Typically speaking, HSR tickets costs about twice as much as the regular train, but get you there twice as fast.

This is the case for each stop except for Taipei. Sometimes, however, the area of the HSR station can be better. For instance, in Taichung, the HSR station is more detailed to Rainbow Village, and has direct buses to Sun Moon Lake. Similarly, in Chiayi, you can capture a bus straight from the HSR station to Alishan, and therefore prevent entering into Chiayi City.

To get to the Kaohsiung City center, you just need to hop onto the KMRT.You can buy HSR tickets online up to 28 days in advance, and buying them early usually gets you an early bird price. You can also buy affordable HSR tickets on Klook. Note that when you purchase these, you generally need to check in at a designated window at the train station and show you passport to recover the actual ticket, so arrive a little earlier to do this.

Unlike TRA trains, the HSR has 3 automobiles (# 10-12) of unreserved seats. This indicates you can appear at an HSR station anytime and buy an unreserved ticket at full rate from one of the devices. These never offer out. You aren’t ensured a seat, but you can generally get one.

The HSR has a stop in Taoyuan, from where you can link to the Taoyuan International Airport on a shuttle (20 minutes) or by taxi. This indicates that you can end your tour around Taiwan and head straight to the airport without having to go back through Taipei. Just ensure you leave sufficient time to spare for capturing your flight!.

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