Roti Making Skills / 印度甩餅製作 – Taiwanese Street Food

Roti Making Skills / 印度甩餅製作 – Taiwanese Street Food

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$2 USD
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印度阿三甩餅 (大慶夜市)
Taichung City, Taiwan


50 Replies to “Roti Making Skills / 印度甩餅製作 – Taiwanese Street Food”

  1. Rabbit Tails by Farrah Martis

    This is the Classic Roti Paratha…in India they make massive ones, break it up into pieces and sell by the Kg!! 😋
    Even the curry with it looks good! The Burritos with chickpeas 😋
    Yummy yummy


    Wow spicy food : ) Healthy food : ) Looks so tasty Roti : )
    Great work : ) Wonderful presentation and video Danny : ) Full Watch : )
    Excellent skills and techniques : ) Thank You For Sharing this Presentation : )
    I hope you are safe and sound : ) Take care and stay well : ) Have a wonderful Sunday : )

  3. Tiffany Charrial

    Love this one Danny! Of course because I love your channel! Looks so satisfying. I learn so much and get so much culture from your channel! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  4. 徐阿姨的愛情餐桌

    今天的廣告蠻酷的,是個大手筆的Uber eats~

    嘿嘿,這攤… …洗手方便嗎?

  5. สุชิน รอดผล


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