Taiwan Travel, Simple Breakfast

a simple breakfast at PUKU o-hi-yo , with my Taiwan Beshie Ms. Nenita. a lovely restaurant with kindergarten ambiance. yummy good burger ala chinese version hahaha.

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  1. ExpatMemo

    Oh my god lol, I don't think I would eat anything if I can't read the menu or if I don't have anyone to help me out with lol. Good thing you have someone there to help you out. The resto's name sounds like Japanese (reminds me of the word, "ohayo" lol). Love the food you got there, yummy!!

  2. Maria Love Vlog

    Naku d ko yan maintindihan, pero pag gutom bahala na order na lang ng order Hahahha ang ganda ng loob ng restaurant sis bagong kaibigan pala sissy! Alamz na

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