Taiwan Seafood Auction – Shui Nan Market

水湳市場: 位於臺中的傳統市場
Traditional Taiwanese Market
Seafood Auction

地址: 台中市西屯區中清路二段189巷57號
Taichung City, Taiwan


50 Replies to “Taiwan Seafood Auction – Shui Nan Market”

  1. Татьяна Медведева

    Какая коасивая рыба! Какие молодцы продавцы! Просто влюбилась в вас и вашу торговлю.

  2. Sally Gouw

    Hello, my friend…today come back to watch this video…Have a great day!
    This past few days i got too much p😂roblems with my software and my computer too, i wipe out many of my projects…😭😰

  3. Finlandia dan Aku

    You know it's a good food when people are willing to wait like that auction in shui nan market 😍
    Great video! Greetings from new 💲ubscriber and👍369 🙏full 🤗

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