Best Chinese Food? The oldest Chinatown in the World – Today I am at Chuan Kee.

I found some of the best food in Binondo for this Chinese New Year. I am visiting Chuan kee and the Mezzanine as well as Eng Bee Tin. 😍 😃 Hope you will enjoy this video 😍😃

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26 Replies to “Best Chinese Food? The oldest Chinatown in the World – Today I am at Chuan Kee.”

  1. Josephine

    Thank you Andres. Awesome vlog! Please suggest to Mayor Isko….to assign health & sanitation inspections on "ALL" restaurants & palengkes tapos to post a big placard like A or B or C grade after inspection just like in New York. Please Google. Those who got a B or C grade will have room for improvement until they reach A grade. This grade is posted on the entrance of said establishment. Thank you.

  2. Arsenio Jr Soriano

    I thought you're the manager of that store because everyone is in uniform and why not, i like the way you giving as the details what people gonna experience when they go to visit that place kuya andres, thank you and stay safe 👍👍👍

  3. Renee Lee Mintun

    The correct Mandarin or Peiking way of saying is : kong Shih fah Chay 新年快樂,身體健康🎆🍾️🎉萬事如意! Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the Ox! 🧧❤️👍🙏🏻😇😷❤️🧧❤️👍🙏🏻😇😷🧧❤️

  4. Ed Van-West

    Oh its the LUCKY CHINATOWN MALL, I was there exactly last year, it was extremely packed everywhere. Wow…you were wearing purple too just like those people in the resto, the food looks so yummy !

  5. Hill Roberts

    Lovely, vibrant area, shame about the spaghetti wires. Still, let's hope they will have those wires buried. Thanks again Anders for showing us Chinatown! Ang sarap ng pagkain

  6. Victoria Dogillo

    Since i cannot go to Chinatown today,thank you Kuya Andres for the video i feel like I've been there now. I love to eat Maki and we buy hopia and goodies at Salazar bakery..😊 Can you give me some updates about lucky charms there.. thanks

  7. Trending Ni Andres

    Binondo Chinese New Year Food Tour part 1 Mooring Lake Ramen 😍😃
    Manila Hidden Garden and Manila City by Nigh. It is Awesome. You will LOVE it. Thanks to Yorme.
    Yorme Pushed the button at Plaza Negra and there was light! Ang Ganda na Talaga – Best quality video
    Meron Dragon Lamp posts sa Binondo na. Ganda promise.
    MY Top Places to See Manila Bay – Kahit Umuulan 😍 😃
    Mayor Isko attends Chinese New Year ceremony at Lucky Chinatown Mall.

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