(91vlogs) Ep. 5: Hsinchu update ft. COCCO Taipei & ?te 壞特

Went to Hsingchu for 2 days, and rushed back to see ?te Live at COCCO Taipei!
Recently discovered this amazing artist go by the name of ?te 壞特 and was able to meet & see her live…. mind blown

Catch the next stream LIVE on Twitch?


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38 Replies to “(91vlogs) Ep. 5: Hsinchu update ft. COCCO Taipei & ?te 壞特”

  1. AngelsWorldTV

    It's meeh!! SFDUBSANGEL415 🙌🏼🙌🏼 lol TYSM JOEY for posting another vlog!! I always enjoy watching these 🔥🔥🔥🔥 its always a bonus on top of Ur IRL streams 💕

  2. keanfoong Toon

    The Hsinchu stream was awesome and i think the first day stream is the best so far (even though i miss the part where you lost your room card KEK). Last but not least, FK91 and fk liveu KEKW.

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