Swedish IKEA MEATBALLS in Taiwan – Tested By a Swede

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Today my fellow loyal viewers we are doing VERY SPECIAL we are hitting my Hometown IKEA!! However it is more unique than that, because I am doing it in Taiwan!

Location: (Taipei)

What gear do I use?
Editing computer:
Hard drive:

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20 Replies to “Swedish IKEA MEATBALLS in Taiwan – Tested By a Swede”

  1. aHungryTiger

    I hope you like this video. This is something I usually don't make, If you enjoyed it maybe consider subscribing that would be awesome, Stay Hungry ❤️

  2. nagwagi2000

    I really enjoyed this video! That Swedish beauty tucked into the child's Cott with stuffed animals was really cute! Both of you are very entertaining! Definitely more content like this! By the way it would have been interesting to see if you like those preserved Swedish sardines as well!😀 Next time perhaps!😉

  3. Thomas Björkroth

    Det är ju alltid så när man reser, folk kan inte skillnaden mellan Sverige och Schweiz någonstans i världen haha
    Älskar Taiwan, helt fantastiskt land, så trevliga människor och så mycket god och spännande mat. Åkte runt med tåg runt hela ön i våras 🙂

  4. Unknown Known Person

    My mouth was watering when I saw how you ate your food, I also liked the way you guys added those funny parts. Keep up the good work!

  5. Sucheta's Vlog

    I really enjoyed ur video…first time I'm seeing the passion fruit ice cream.What's the red sauce name that u r eating together with meat ball and brown sauce?whenever i go to IKEA love to eat cinnamon bun.

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