Taiwan Seafood Auction – Amazing Fish Cutting And Sale !

Traditional Taiwanese Market
Seafood Auction

地址: 台中市大雅區學府路280號
Taichung City, Taiwan


25 Replies to “Taiwan Seafood Auction – Amazing Fish Cutting And Sale !”

  1. さわつむキャラ弁ちゃんねる

    Happy new year! Dear Danny😊💖
    I was happy to see Danny's amazing Taiwanese video in 2020! 2021 is also looking forward to your channel🥰 Thank you so much!

  2. Sally Gouw

    It keeps ringing in my brain, go pak, neng pak…this guy must make a lot of $$$
    Full watched! You know this could be addicting..i literally forget and thinking i am in there too..
    luckily he did not put the money in his pocket…😭😄

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