SO GOOD! Delta A350 Business Class from Detroit to Amsterdam (Delta One Suite)

Join me on a Business Class trip onboard a Delta Air Lines Airbus A350 from Detroit to Amsterdam. Delta’s A350 Business Class – called ‘Delta One Suite’ – is one of the best airline products in the sky. The video was recorded prior to the pandemic.

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30 Replies to “SO GOOD! Delta A350 Business Class from Detroit to Amsterdam (Delta One Suite)”

  1. *

    With not much to pick from here in the US, Delta is my favorite but as a former Flight Attendant for the then USAir. We shamed what is offered today in First Class ..that service you just experienced would be below a business seat by our standards. In our first on the 767 or even here in the US on the 737 you always got fresh flowers on your table and the food was more and better displayed an$ it was no5 on a tray like it is today for a over the pond leg. Sadly they used 911 for every excuse in the book to reduce service down the the pathetic half size so called hot towels that you got… it’s just sad to see the business go to such low’s in the name of greed … to the point that this next generation ( maybe you) won’t know any better and think you are getting something when really you don’t know what it was like before the excuse.

  2. Paul Wright

    Beautiful plane, but I still love the 747. My last flight with Delta was round trip first class from Seattle to Amsterdam. Would never do that again. A VERY OLD 767….

  3. HOG Rider

    Hard to find someone not surfing their phone, tablet or laptop unless they’re eating, and then they’re usually surfing anyway. Truth be told… been there, done that!

  4. Rob Pittstop

    My favorite plane is 737-300/400… But I had flew on 700, not bad, but will try 737-max someday. My top favorite is 727… Miss it… and also 747 (I never flew in one and I doubt that I will have the chance to fly one of the 747's at all.

  5. uncanny media

    for me its a fight between jetblue, southwest, and delta (us domestic flyer, have yet to fly out of country, hope to one day though) im flying with delta in a week for a trip to florida, they are one of the few us airlines still doing middle seat blocking

  6. Jeanne Bissell

    I know this flight well, also to LHR and CDG. The seats are not comfortable at all, but I know it’s safety first! I’m flying abroad in September. I hope it won’t be a little plastic bag of cheezits and water at that time.

  7. David Wood Voiceover

    Please please continue to publish these videos…..i'm sure you know but if you don't, there are probably a lot of people like me in the world that subscribe to your channel that miss travel so much but really enjoy watching your videos…..thanks for putting them together for us 🙂

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