In episode 37, we check out the charming fishing town of Donggang (東港鎭), in the Pingtung County of Southern Taiwan. We were COMPLETELY blown away by the Huaqiao Fish Market, where Gabe tries some of Taiwan’s freshest sashimi! Afterward, we visit the Donglong Temple, where we bump into an absolutely unforgettable ceremony involving fire, a whip, dancing, drums, fireworks, and enormous glittering costumes. Without a doubt, DONGGANG is a hidden gem!


  1. Anne Bruneel

    We are really enjoying your videos. We are usually in Taiwan twice a year for work, and have spent a lot of time in Kaohsiung. We love the country and have made many friends. Hopefully we will be able to travel soon, we really miss Taiwan!

  2. toomy chiu

    Awesome video. Keep them coming. My grandparents are originally from PingTung. If you make it back to Taipei can you make a video of hiking the trails behind Grand Hotel? There is an extensive trail there. And the Grand Hotel lobby is beautiful. Also, how about another video of bicycling the bike trails in Taipei? Next time Im back in Taipei I plan on biking from downtown Taipei to Tamsui along the extensive bike trails.

  3. jerry lan

    訂閱你們的頻道也幾個月了,真的很喜歡你們在台灣旅遊的Vlog,但有個小小的請求,可以加個中文字幕嗎?相信這對訂閱數也會有相當的幫助 (^o^)/

  4. OSU Football

    The fatty tuna is $10 to $20 a slice in NYC. Lucky that she gave it to you! I live in KHH (Kaohsiung) a couple of months a year and you two went to the right fish market. There is the fried fish stick with egg that is good.

  5. Jerome Tazer

    She's right that you should eat the mullet roe with something. Light alcohol marinate followed by pan searing then served with garlic, 蒜苗, or daikon. It's good with beer 🍺 Cheers!

  6. Rainie Huang

    you should go Xiao Liuqiu (小琉球) from Donggang for two day's trip, it's a small paradise, and you can do a lots of outdoor activities / water sports.

  7. Chuck Huang

    It looks like you two are the only passengers on that bus, what a ride! Better than taxi, I guess, because the A/C is cooler and the space is bigger.

    As for the sashimi rice bowl, it's commonly found in Taiwan. But eating in Dong Gang's fish market is definitely No.1 choice for sure.

  8. Yu-Liang Chu

    I’m glad you guys got to enjoy DongGang東港, the ritual at the temple was about summoning a Devine being, but that’s also all I knew about it, it’s a traditional ceremony at some of the local temples. The weather seems tropical and warm, Northern Taiwan is quite chilly right now 😂

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