Tiny Tainan island could be perfect weekend getaway

台南鹽水月津港燈節,今年因為疫情緊急喊卡,外界惋惜不已,不過隨著疫情趨緩,地方也持續爭取,台南市政府決定,將在6月26號到7月18號復辦。而「漁光島藝術節」,則將在這個月27號,率先登場。Missing travel? There’s an island escape awaiting you in Tainan. The Yuguang Island Art Festival, which takes place on the eponymous island, will open this Saturday with art installations set up along its stunning natural landscapes. The festival is designed to be a space of fresh air, reflection and refuge. And mark your calendars – Tainan will hold its highly anticipated Yuejin Lantern Festival from June 26 to July 18.

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