My Inspire Project EP12 – The Road Not Taken 走自己的路 | Luxury Road Trip in Nantou Taiwan 南投頂級公路之旅

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Many people think that we are unstoppable, and the path we take is challenging. In the past, we just grabbed a map and pointed somewhere to go, but now, we know we are in the right direction to rise.

Without any fears, we join the force and prepare for a luxurious road trip to Nantou, the mountain region known for its magnificent peaks, forests, and lake views. It is one of its kind, and it is also the first time we make a road trip on our home island.

Starting from the poetic scenery around Sun Moon Lake, we begin our drive to mountain majesties in the heart of Taiwan. From the moment we close the door and press on the accelerator, we know this would be a unique and memorable ride together.

Before reaching the highland, we pass by Nantou Distillery to discover the award-winning new make whisky, OMAR. During the tour, you could dig out more stories and culture of Taiwan’s very own whisky. At the distillery, you could also enjoy the unique “Cask Strength Tasting,” where you could savor the maturing whisky straight from the cask. It was the perfect way to experience Taiwan Love with an Amber Heart.

After a long drive, we arrive at our new home on top of the hill at Impression Nordic Manor Club in Qingjing. It is time to stop and relax among magnificent landscape and setting, enjoying the Nordic style chalet, infinity pool, horse riding, and the best of mountain living.

A new day comes with a new car! Right before dawn break on the following day, we hop on another Italian beast, Alfa Romeo Guilia, driving along the most beautiful highway in Taiwan to catch the sunrise at over 3000 meters high on HeHuanShan.

Between the high mountains and the valleys, we also enjoy life as a shepherd at QingJing Farm. It feels simply therapeutic interacting with the sheep up and down the grassland. Life on the high mountains is so pure, and it widens up our horizon tremendously.

Down to Lushan village, we join the indigenous Seediq tribe for a rural adventure. The tribe is known for the historic Wushe Rebellion against Japanese colonial forces back in the day and inherits great traditions and skills from their ancestors. From utilizing flintstones for fire, fishing, enjoying natural hot spring by the stream and river tracing to Jingying Falls, every experience is an expression of the daily life and wisdom of the Seediqs. It is a day we all share the glory and respect for nature.

When the driver’s seat is open, we know we will be back on the move again. We then switch on the engine and head towards the next destination. Even after driving hundreds of miles, with our eyes on every road, we still choose the route that is less traveled by.









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Bottega Veneta


Omar Whisky 威士忌


Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園

Impression Nordic Manor Club 印象北歐莊園俱樂部


Qingjing Farm 清境農場

Howard Huang
Jonathan Gropper


– Flight to the Inner Bird by Sivan Talmor
– Early Morning by Russo
– In the Front (Instrumental) by Ziv Moran
– Still Calm by Swirling Ship
– Chaos at the Spaceship by Out of Flux


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