FOOD SPOTS CLT | "ShareTea" Boba (Bubble) Tea🧋| Plaza Midwood Charlotte Tour/Vlog | StettyCo

Sharetea is the most authentic Boba Tea brand from Taiwan! Sharetea’s Boba Tea, or called Bubble Tea are made from high quality tea leaves and selected ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan. Besides over 50 regular Boba tea menu items such as milk tea, fruit tea, smoothie or hot beverages, Sharetea keep creating bubblicious seasonal new flavored tea and provide you the incredible tea experiences.

This place is awesome to enjoy a drink and a snack all-in-one!

Check them out at 1204 Central Ave UNIT 102, Charlotte, NC 28204

side note: please excuse the slight quality difference compared to my other videos and small glitches! I recorded these clips from my iPhone and they didn’t convert correctly when editing, but I tried my best to make it decent quality! 💜💙

3 Replies to “FOOD SPOTS CLT | "ShareTea" Boba (Bubble) Tea🧋| Plaza Midwood Charlotte Tour/Vlog | StettyCo”

  1. Meaka Miller

    I love bubble tea now I know where to go. Are you going to do a seafood boil spot video? I need to know the best spot. Been to one that was good but wondering where is best!

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