China Pressures French Senator to Cancel Taiwan Trip | Epoch News | China Insider

China recently pressured a French lawmaker to cancel an official trip to Taiwan, even though the only purpose of the trip was to learn how the Taiwanese government successfully handled the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the move and called out the Chinese regime’s “wolf warrior” diplomacy.

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China Pressures French Senator to Cancel Taiwan Trip | Epoch News | China Insider

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36 Replies to “China Pressures French Senator to Cancel Taiwan Trip | Epoch News | China Insider”

  1. Amelia Lin

    Cummunist_China(PRC) / CCP_Regime, Pressures French Senator to Cancel trip to Taiwan(ROC). BECAUSE CHINA CUMMUNIST PARTY-REGIME(CCP-Regime) are oppresor to the Chinese poeple, oppresor to HONG KONG & TAiWAN(ROC) & to the South China SEA.

  2. HZMX

    Hey let’s do this
    Remember China banned the pineapple because fear of biological warfare by pineapple but Taiwan pineapple is 100% safe and no weird stuff on it and the Aussie wine banned by China. So the world buy Aussie Wine and Taiwan pineapple.
    We all should go to Taiwan for vacation after the COVID pandemic is over let’s not go to China for vacation.

  3. Kapil Mittal

    🇮🇳 India ♥️♥️♥️ Taiwan 🇹🇼
    🇮🇳 🎖️India 🤝 Taiwan🎖️🇹🇼

  4. Joyce Koch

    Taiwan's Finest Hour is coming not unlike
    England in 1940 with one big difference – England was alone in 1940
    but Taiwan will not be in March 2024. America will be there in force
    and China will discover that the Taiwanese will fight the Chinese on the beaches, in the towns, in the woods and mountains
    but they will not surrender nor will America not come to their support.

  5. Blue Rage

    Alternative media should start referring to the Biden administration as "the illegitimate and illegal Biden administration." Words are powerful and can cast a spell canceling the THEFT spell the dems are pulling off. Start this trend. How do you fight black magic? With white magic!

    The illegitimate and illegal Biden administration.
    The illegitimate and illegal Biden administration.
    The illegitimate and illegal Biden administration.

  6. Sue Johnson

    Y'all Need to Be Talking about the Drag Queen Story Hour President ( he is also a Child Court Judge) that was Arrested for 7 counts of Assault on children, as well as child ..( you Know Exactly what I mean!!) In Wisconsin….and to top that they released his Ass…no contact with children except the two adopted children of his and his male lover!!! DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS???????? DO SOME THING TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY FOR CHRIST SAKE!!

  7. Darkpenguin Longland

    The one china policy, if it really existed, is dead today. Hong Kong is a perfect example. It was supposedly part of the one country two systems which was also a lie. So if china can disregarded an international agreement with the UK, why do we have to honour a system that China really doesn't believe itself.

    As for the ccpvirus
    China used fake number while most of the rest of the world published true number hence china couldn't be trusted and Taiwan could be trusted. It's that simple!!

  8. Justice for all!!

    Forget these officials.. they are part of a large illegal mafia organization known as CCP.. not even voted in by the people of China.. everyone should go to Taiwan and throw it in Xitlers face..

  9. Pyr8 Dude

    Unfortunately, the Western powers are all beholden to the same international bankers that China is and the international bankers want Communism as their bullwhip for the non billionaires of the world. If you pay any attention at all, the true wealth of the world, gold and silver, has been steadily transferred from West to East for quite some time now.

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