Walking Around Taipei – Taiwan's Capital City [4K60]

This 4K walk takes us around Taipei which is the capital city of Taiwan. I start off in front of my hotel in the Zhongzheng district. I walk down to Peace Park, past the East Gate and into Liberty Square. From there I head over to the President Hall and up past the Ximen area to the North Gate and loop back to my hotel. I only got to spend a few days in Taipei but it’s a fantastic city and it was great to be back as the last time I was here was over 10 years ago. I do have a few more videos from Taipei which I’ll upload later on as well as some from Khaoshiung which is the second largest city in Taiwan located in the south end of the country. In case you were wondering the hotel I stayed at is the Relax 5 and as long as you don’t mind the smallish rooms it represents excellent value in an ideal location.

4:03 – Zhongxiao West Road (main road – across from Taipei Main Station)
7:25 – Gonyuan Road
12:15 – Peace Park
15:53 – National Taiwan University Hospital
19:32 – The East Gate
25:00 – Liberty Square
36:30 – Jieshou Park
38:45 – President Hall Plaza
49:10 – Ximending Station
57:00 – The North Gate
1:01:30 – Back at the Relax 5 Hotel

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26 Replies to “Walking Around Taipei – Taiwan's Capital City [4K60]”

  1. Honeylette Chan

    I miss Taiwan and its people. I should have been reviewing while having this on but I cant help but watch the whole video because Taiwan is such a special place for me. Taiwanese were very nice! Some grandpas and grandmas tried to strike a convo, unfortunately, I cannot understand them! Cannot wait to visit again.

  2. Gwang Beom

    Taipei has that Japanese City feels probably because of influence when they were colonized. Sister Cities

    Taipei is basically Tokyo but in Chinese.

  3. Billy Jean

    As a Seoul citizen, I can't imagine that how can people of Taipei walk around the street since I'm always feeling that walking the street of Seoul in the summer is so shitty(freaking hot and sweaty). Considering Taipei is even close to the equator, it would be hot for a year around. I even had had a plan to trip to Taiwan in the winter to evade hot weather but it's so pity that I had to cancel my travel becaue of dat Covid-19.

  4. Jnomadic

    I miss Taiwan so bad. Your video made me tear up, but in a good way, if that makes sense 🙂 I think it's my favorite YouTube video ever. Thank you, it means a lot 🙂

  5. C Steven

    Hi I am Taiwanese.🤗 Usually all the Youtube video about Taiwan. There will have a lot of mainland China hater comment some stupid stuff…🤣
    Actually CCP banned the Google and Facebook in mainland China. And the government brainwashed the Chinese people.🤮🙄
    I am happy I live in a democracy country.😃

  6. Sophia's Adagio

    Thank you for your videos. I am from Taipei and now live in Vancouver. Whenever I go back to Taipei, I enjoy walking around Taipei, too. But sadly, because the energy policy is changed after 2016, the year when Tai government starts their ruling, more coral burning is used in Taiwan, and the air and sky are not as clean as before, rarely seen clean blue sky now. I used to take a lot of blue sky photos when I was in Taipei, but when I went back to Taipei in 2017 for two years, I did not see any clean blue sky anymore.
    Your video is shot in 2019, right? The sky is supposed to be very blue and clean in this sunny day, but this video shows dirty blue sky. It is sad. It should not be like this. It was clean 5 years ago.

  7. Gandhi Manalu

    Took my Master Degree in Taiwan (Taipei) from 2009-2011, unforgettable experiences in this city. Lots of good food, good ambience, lots of nice parks, modern technology, historical museum. I miss Taipei.

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