PENGHU: MUST TRAVEL SUMMER 2021 🏝️ ☀️ 澎湖 : 那個被忽視的島嶼 | Taiwan's Most Underrated Island ❤️ 夏天必遊地點

“THE VILLA” : 880澎湖縣馬公市 井子垵 100 號 。880
Julien’s AirBnb “The Most Beautiful Bay” : 88055澎湖縣馬公市珠江41號

Wondering where to travel to this summer? Look no further than one of Taiwan’s most beautiful and underrated travel destinations, PENGHU. This is an incredible tropical paradise full of incredible beaches, fascinating wartime history, and some of the freshest seafood Taiwan has to offer. During lockdowns, travel has been a little hard to come by, but luckily with Penghu, you don’t even need to leave Taiwan. More people should know about this amazing place, so check out this video where I share some of the best that Penghu has to offer. Book your tickets now, you won’t be disappointed! #penghu #taiwan

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    Basically, Penghu is Hawaii of Taiwan. I am glad you enjoyed there as much as I enjoyed Xiaoliuqiu. They're both underrated paradise.

  2. Jill Lee

    外婆的澎湖灣 (Granny's Penghu Bay , With English Lyrics)
    晚風輕拂澎湖灣 白浪逐沙灘

    Mild wind in Penghu Bay, waves're heating on the beach

    沒有椰林綴斜陽 只是一片海藍藍

    There are nothing as decorations, but a blue blue sky and sea

    坐在門前的矮牆上 一遍遍懷想

    Thinking of the childhood stories in front of my door

    也是黃昏的沙灘上 有著腳印兩對半

    There are two and a half footprints on the beach in the evening


    That's my granny leaning on clutches and holding my hand

    踩著薄暮 走向餘暉 暖暖的澎湖灣

    Walking to the twilight in the attractive Penghu Bay

    一個腳印是笑語一串 消磨許多時光

    One footprint is accompanied by laughters and joyousness


    Til' the end of sunset we are on the way back home

    澎湖灣 澎湖灣 外婆的澎湖灣

    Penghu Bay..Penghu Bay.. My granny's Penghu Bay


    There're lots of my childhood memories

    陽光 沙灘 海浪 仙人掌

    Sunshine , beaches , waves , and cactus


    And an old captain by the sea

  3. MiaY LE

    They are prickly pears, a wild grown pest in Queensland, Australia. Don’t pick it up with your bear hand, because all the micro-thorns will prick onto your hands! I did it before….ouch….I recently just googled “how to pick prickly pear”, hopefully I can harvest it next time, and make my own cactus juice!

  4. wendyhappy57 Hsieh

    Wes,the new hairstyle makes you more handsome and fashionable than before.
    I would recommend sea fishing at night in Penghu. It’s quite interesting.

  5. Yadada Lee

    Nice intro for 澎湖 Wes! Unfortunately if CCP decides to invade Taiwan, 澎湖 will get hit first. So do you have a contingent plan if China invades? Any small chance you will help defend Taiwan?

  6. icyhugs

    The summer Sun of Penghu is merciless XDDDD Not a fan of Sun burnt but having the fresh lemonade in the evening compensate for that 😀 Best lemonade in Taiwan 😀

  7. meng lang

    澎湖有我年輕的痛苦和美好的回億 1994~1996年 在朋澎服兵役 1996年也遇到中共導蛋威脅 當時澎湖4個月才有返台假 金門馬祖6個月才有返台假

  8. 小山倫理子

    Like your new hair style ❤️
    Penguin , from Kaohsiung is only a 30 minutes flight, the other small islands around are also worth visiting , especially the double hearts fish trap 石滬 at Seven beauties island 七美.

  9. FAT Viscount投成人

    Beautiful video.

    At 0:32 it looks like you’re uplifting a sea urchin?

    What intrigues me is the sign behind you saying “horse sh!t”. I wonder if you have a photo of the full sign?

    Considering your many other excellent videos on food sourcing, I’d love to see you make a video about tourism sustainability. Taiwan tends to love nature to death, and Penguin is more fragil than the main island.

    Thanks again.

  10. Brad Altemeyer

    This was one of the locations for the 1992 Formosa Hobie Challenge race series I participated in/ fantastically beautiful. (Texas Boat, with Jurgan Faber)

  11. chien_hsun Huang


  12. Gary Shao

    Davies Travel Channel 🙂 Supper! just a FYI , YouTube now pushes more ADs in Videos (a least in US where I live). People like me can't stand it and ends up purchase the Premium member 🙁

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