42 Replies to “Giant Radish Cake (Turnip Cake) / 巨大蘿蔔糕製作 – Taiwanese Street Food”

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  2. 摄影师拖鞋


  3. Lynn L.

    Taiwanese radish cake is the kind of radish cake I grew up with. Unless you make it yourself, it’s difficult to find just plain radish cake without bits of meat or dried shrimp inside it in the US. I shared this video with my family because they know how I scream every time I see a radish cake with random meat in it.

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  6. Amenduin Ambassador

    Salve sono un italiano amo cucinare desidero imparare ho visto il tuo video complimenti ciao e tante belle cose grazie mille 😋😋👍😘

  7. ilovepie2

    Every time I watch one of these videos I see people with tools/machines I have never before seen for cooking. I just imagine there's a whole set of people in Taiwan thinking hey I want to do x and instead of heading to restaurant shop they just go to a smith and jointly come up with a new tool. Just amazing, you don't see that anywhere else in the world.

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