WOW!! THIS Is The Most Beautiful Beach In Taiwan…

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Kenting is known as the best beach destination in Taiwan. Known for its long night market, white sand beaches and beautiful nature. Today we visit what is Taiwan’s most famous and said to be the most beautiful beach: Baisha Bay or White Sand Beach. This incredible scenery was part of the movie ‘The Life Of Pie’. Before we go there, we first have a small stop to try super fresh seafood: black tuna sashimi. Come and discover this beautiful place with us.

We will be staying in Taiwan for the coming weeks/months. If you want to discover what it is like to live as a foreigner in Taiwan, what daily life looks like (costs, apartment, etc.) as well as exploring some of the beauty Taiwan has to offer, then subscribe to our channel.



We’re Naick & Kim, a Belgian couple that quit our jobs at the end of 2018 to travel the world and have been on the road for more than a year. If you want to follow along for the rest of our journey, you can subscribe to our travel vlog series here:

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23 Replies to “WOW!! THIS Is The Most Beautiful Beach In Taiwan…”

  1. Naick & Kim

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    As always, thanks a lot for watching! We are thinking about going to Orchid island, does anyone know of any hotels that are very affordable?
    We're also thinking about renting a motorbike to visit the east coast, leaving from Taitung and driving around to Hualien, etc. We would rent the motorbike for 2-4 weeks. Does know where we could rent a motorbike around Taitung at a great price?


    What a beautiful beach where you were swimming and enjoying my friend Naick I am seeing your previous videos one by one and I am also enjoying your travelling and sightseeing

  3. Lynn K

    天啊!這間海產店怎會這麼便宜? 是老闆有作招待嗎?不可思議QAQ
    北部好貴耶 ~><~流口水了啦!!!
    最後再提醒大家,去海邊若要下水請記得千萬別擦防曬乳哦! 愛護地球就是愛自己。

  4. Wonwon Liao

    Thank you for loving Taiwan. It also allows you to contribute to environmental protection while playing in the water. I am sorry to tell you, but I still found a lot of rubbish, thank you faithfully. I wish you all the best and peace.

  5. peiti Lin

    your so cute and lovely cup , fxxk I'm thinking a little time to guess cpu or cup noun , this is I always to appear problem , I'm Taiwan person , nice to watch your film , I'm love it and like you both .
    when I at student I guess boy this noun is female and girl to the male noun , I by hit from teacher . hahahha .

  6. 陳志強

    I gonna thank you both share the beautiful beach for us and collect garbage to keep the sea great environment forever, we are proud of you both,let us know the important concept

  7. Nelly Peng


  8. Vitaliy Ozerov

    Wow, what a great place to take my kids. Taiwan , I'm coming back again with my 2 kids when this pandemic is over ! Thanks for sharing , guys !

  9. 蟒斯特

    不要有那些雜亂顏色的陽傘跟水上摩托車更好 墾丁已經是被在地陋習 觀光客沒有善待多年的一塊瑰寶 我想最美的海灘在東部鮮少人知的衝浪地

  10. Jones Wang

    Welcome to Pingtung where I grew up, hopefully you have enjoyed all the trip so far in Taiwan. What's more, I do appreciate the way you filmed all the places you experienced which is the best way to promote the beauty of Taiwan. I hope you guys enjoy the rest in Taiwan where is considered as top 5 safest countries in the world. And now ,I will follow your videos to travel the world. Take good care of yourselves. Peace !

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