24 Hours in Tainan: Food Marathon in Taiwan

From 10 am to 3am, we spent the day exploring the best Tainan has to offer! Tainan is in the south of Taiwan and it’s the food capital of the country. People often go to Taipei when they travel in Taiwan, but my heart always belongs to Tainan because the food there is just UNREAL and it’s so, so, affordable. People in Tainan are also extremely nice!

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Dreams by Joakim Karud

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13 Replies to “24 Hours in Tainan: Food Marathon in Taiwan”

  1. GFmanaic

    I remember finding the pig blood curd a little disappointing, I thought it would taste more like a blood sausage, I found it a bit bland. That said the rest of the food in Taiwan was brilliant.

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